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I've been substitute teaching in the local school district for
just over a year. It seems to be a common belief among the
students that their colleagues'  inappropriate language and
behavior should be overlooked, since "that's just the way
Johnny is!"
Why modify his behavior, when Johnny just can't help it?
It brings to mind the word
appetence, noun (ăpp’ ĭ tuns)
A strong, intense craving or desire.
A tendency, propensity, natural attraction, or affinity.
From Milton’s Paradise Lost, Book XI,
Bred only and completed to the taste
Of lustful
appetence, to sing, to dance
to dress and troll the tongue, and roll the eye.

Also appetency, a longing or desire.
American dictionaries show
appetence as “preferred” or
more frequently used.  A quick search in Newsbank was
supportive (although not overwhelmingly so) of this
British usage (re the OED) shows
appetency to be a
stronger impulse than
appetence, e.g.
Fanaticism and robbery… will satiate their appetency for
blood and plunder, material or chemical attraction or
(I D’Israeli, Curiosities of Literature, 1st Ser. II.
429, 1807.)

Maybe I should adopt the attitude of my students.
In fact, I do just that in the following verse:

I am inclined.  I have a bent.
(A predilection.)  Heaven sent,
this tendency?  Or born of hell?
A curse or blessing?  Who can tell?
I zig – or zag –  ruled by intense
proclivity – or appentence.
Free will gets trumped by inclination –
I’m victim of predestination.         
I simply know inherent needs       
precipitated these base deeds.
I had to.  I was predisposed.
I couldn’t help it.  Case is closed.   
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